SUHF at a glance

The Association was founded in 1995 as an organisation for institutional co-operation on a voluntary basis. 38 universities and university colleges in Sweden are members (16 universities, 18 university colleges and 4 university art colleges). The Association aims at safeguarding the external interests of the institutions and at strengthening their internal cooperation.

We work in the following fields:

  • Undergraduate teaching and learning
  • Graduate studies
  • Research
  • Higher education as an organisation
  • Cooperation between higher education and the society at large
  • Staff and premises
  • Cooperation with foreign sister organisations

The Association is an arena for discussions and decisions in the field of higher education. We address principle issues as well as more concrete ones. Our working methods are conferences, working-groups, reports, seminars and direct contacts with Parliament, Government and government commissions.

Example of current issues:

  • Funding of undergraduate teaching and learning
  • Research policies, especially funding issues
  • Relations to industry and commerce
  • Institutional autonomy and the legal position of higher education institutions
  • Gender problems in recruiting academic top leaders
  • Long-term development of auditing within the higher education sector
  • Nordic cooperation
  • European cooperation, Bologna and ERA-processes
  • EOSC